Understand AC Joint Separation

Shoulder joint comprises the clavicle, humerus and scapula bones. The acromion is the upper part of the scapula. An acromioclavicular joint, AC joint separation happens when the clavicle detaches from your scapula. It may be due to a direct blow or fall. Balanced Health Medical serves patients from Manhattan, east and west New York, NY 10022 US. Our chiropractor NYC applies different chiropractic techniques to treat AC Joint Separation.

Woman suffering from shoulder painWhat Causes an AC Joint Separation?

Usually, a shoulder separation results from a sudden fall or blow to your shoulder. It is common among hockey, football, and rugby players.AC joint separation displays specific symptoms such as:

  • Pain when you move your arm
  • Inflammation and pain in the joint
  • A bump on the shoulder
  • An unstable elbow joint

How is An AC Joint Separation Diagnosed?

When you visit a Rockefeller Centre, a chiropractor Midtown inquires on how you sustained the joint injury before performing a physical examination. An X-ray exam helps the chiropractor to locate fractured bones. If the review is unclear, they may ask you to hold an object to determine joint instability and its effect on the shoulder.

Difference between a Shoulder Separation and a Shoulder Dislocation

In Manhattan, most people confuse shoulder dislocation and separation. A shoulder separation occurs when there is a disruption in the scapula and clavicle junction while a shoulder dislocation happens when the humerus bone is displaced. Both injuries cause different complications, and they need a distinct treatment.

Types of Shoulder Separations

Shoulder separations are categorized into different grades depending on the dislocated bones' position and the injury's severity. They include:

  • Type I: A sprain to joint ligaments that does not cause a fracture or tear. East New York doctors treat it with anti-inflammatory medication.
  • Type II: An evident tearing and sprain of AC ligaments. It causes severe pain, reduced function and a permanent bump on the shoulder.
  • Type III: The coracoclavicular and acromioclavicular ligaments are torn, and a permanent bump develops.
  • Type IV: A visible injury in which the clavicle is displaced behind the AC joint.
  • Type V: An advanced Type III injury with a noticeable bump and a damaged muscle.
  • Type VI: The clavicle becomes lodged, and it moves downwards beneath the coracoid.

How Does Chiropractic Care Help in AC Joint Separation?

Our Rockefeller Center has an experienced chiropractor Midtown who offers long-term pain relief. They provide non-surgical treatment which enables your body to heal naturally. When the spine is aligned correctly, there is a low likelihood of you developing acute shoulder pain.

Whether you are experiencing shoulder pain or AC joint separation, contact the Balanced Health Medical. Our Midtown chiropractor will apply an appropriate chiropractic technique to alleviate pain. Call us, fill the contact form or visit our New York, NY 10022 US office for a consultation. 

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