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What to Expect for your First Acupuncture Visit


What to Expect for your First Acupuncture Visit Art Balanced Health Medical

When it comes to pain management and overall wellness, it’s time to consider the variety of treatments offered at Balanced Health Medical in Manhattan. When you seek preventative care with a chiropractor at our office, you will also learn about the benefits of acupuncture to maintain optimal health.

What To Expect At Acupuncture Treatment

If you are nervous about getting acupuncture for the first time, there is no reason to be. While you may have heard that needles are used, these are not the same type of needles used to draw blood or give a shot. The needles are as thin as a hair, and they do not hurt when putting into place. You can expect to talk to your treatment provider about what has been going on that has led you to seek acupuncture treatment. You will be comfortable throughout the process, and treatment does not hurt.

Your acupuncturist may take your pulse and ask how often you experience symptoms. You may start to feel symptom relief while you are in treatment, and this relief can last hours or even days. It will benefit you more to seek regular treatment with an acupuncturist while you try to get symptoms under control. As you go along with treatment, you will discover that you feel well for longer periods of time in between treatments.

How Acupuncture Treatment Helps

Acupuncture is an Eastern medicine that doesn’t interfere with traditional medication. It works by balancing the energy within your body. An acupuncturist has studied and knows what acupuncture points should be used to treat a wide range of conditions. Acupuncture treatment helps move blocked energy and improves your overall wellness so that you can heal.

Call For Acupuncture Treatment Today!

Acupuncture treatment is a good complementary therapy for chiropractic care. If you are interested in learning more about how acupuncture treatment can help you heal, it’s time to contact Balanced Health Medical in Manhattan at (212) 755-1717 and set up an initial appointment.