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At Balanced Health Medical we know that living with scoliosis is an experience that effects each person differently. Some people have a significant amount of pain in their back, while others feel little effects but have the goal of working to keep all of the mobility and posture they can. No matter your goal or level of pain, we can help you with your scoliosis symptoms. We are your Midtown chiropractor NYC for scoliosis care and pain relief in and around Manhattan.  Below are some tips for living with scoliosis.

Stay as Active as You Can

In some cases, reduced activity is required, but the more active you can be the better. If you move as much as your limit then your limit will likely increase. Not to mention the other health benefits of being active that include reduced depression and increased circulation. Discuss with your doctor any limits. ​

Find a Support System 

Don’t be nervous to attend a support group or even start one yourself. Talking to people with the same struggles can be eye-opening and make you feel less alone. You can also get tips for improvement and other support. ​

Understand Your Disease

Talk to more than one doctor if you don’t feel like you get enough information from one. Do your research. People who understand their own diagnoses beyond that initial doctor’s visit can advocate for themselves better and will feel much more in control of their situation. 

Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle

No matter what your situation is, eating well can improve it. With scoliosis the less extra weight you have to carry around the better you will be when it comes to the progression of the disease. Eating right will help you have a healthy weight and feel better with more energy, once you make it a habit.

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