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Is Cracking Your Own Back/Neck Good for the Body?


Chiropractor Addresses: Is Cracking Your Own Back/Neck Good for the Body?

After a long day, you start to feel those familiar back pains creep back in. To ease the symptoms, you twist and stretch until you hear that familiar pop. The end result is often pure bliss. But, what if we told you you could be doing more harm than good? Balanced Health Medical, Manhattan’s leading chiropractor, is here to provide a lasting, natural treatment plan for all your aches and pains.

The Cracking Sound

Many patients emphasize the ‘popping’ sound, assuming it’s a sign something significant has happened. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The cracking is actually the sound of gas escaping from a joint as it opens. A successful adjustment isn’t measured by the sound it makes; it’s measured by the increased functionality through the application of very specific chiropractic techniques.

More Harm Than Good?

While cracking your back/neck may provide immediate relief, you may actually be doing more harm than good. When done incorrectly and repeatedly, your joint becomes hypermobile. The ligaments, tendons, and muscles must work harder to keep the joint stabilized. This has several lasting effects:

  • Pain relief lasts for shorter periods of time
  • Joint capsule is weakened, increasing risk for serious injury
  • Increased risk for disc degeneration
  • Self-manipulation has been linked to strokes

Safely Cracking Your Back/Neck at Home

It’s important to remember that self-manipulation treats the symptom, not the problem. To ensure a long-lasting pain treatment strategy, ask your chiropractor what you could do at home to accelerate the healing process. They can provide you with a series of stretches and exercises that complement your treatment plan, including:

  • Sit & reach stretch
  • Exercise ball
  • Leg-over-leg stretch
  • Child’s pose
  • Slow crunch
  • Rocking stretch

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