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Balanced Health Medical Discusses Work Ergonomics


Work Ergonomics

Using proper work ergonomics can make a big difference in how your body feels at the end of each day. There are several ways someone can become injured on the job, from excessive sitting aches and pains, to neck pain or back pain. Contact Balanced Health Medical in Manhattan to make an appointment with our chiropractor if you are suffering from symptoms that require a form of pain relief. Here is some information about ergonomics to read over and how chiropractic care can help if you are experiencing discomfort from work practices.

Find Out About Safety Procedures

It is important to follow instructions pertaining to safety procedures while on the job. If your place of employment does not have documentation available, ask your boss to draft procedures for you to read over so you do not become injured while on the job. Make sure to check procedures before performing any new task. Opt for ergonomic furniture and tools to stop repetitive motions from occurring as well.

Take Frequent Breaks For Optimal Health

Make sure you take breaks from your activities while on the job. If you find that you are doing excessive sitting or standing, set an alarm to alert you to move around away from your normal location if possible. This will help to keep your circulatory system working properly and will help to reduce the possibility of neck pain or back pain while on the job.

See Our Chiropractor If Pain Settles In

If you find that you are experiencing pain more days and nights than not, it is best to seek professional help to reduce it effectively. Our chiropractor will use the power of spinal adjustments to stop discomfort in the back, neck, shoulders, and other areas of the body. These manipulations of the spine will promote healing and provide you with relatively quick relief. Temperature therapy, massage, or exercise can also be beneficial in the reduction of discomfort from ergonomic troubles.

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