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Are You Experiencing Hand Pain? Here’s Why


We Serve Manhattan With Chiropractic Care For Hand Aches and Pains

At Balanced Health Medical we offer chiropractic care for your whole body including the smallest muscles, ligaments, and bones in your wrist and hands. If you have been experiencing hand aches or pain in or around Manhattan come it to meet our expert chiropractor and find out how we can help you get better.

Reasons For Your Hand Pain and How We Can Help

The first thing we will do at your hand pain appointment is getting to the bottom of the actual cause of your pain. Common causes of hand pain include over use, trauma, improper ergonomics, repetitive motion, Dupuytren’s Contracture, De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis, and arthritis. If you have not experienced an obvious trauma or injury to the area we will first diagnose the cause and build a treatment plan that fits your situation.

Hand pain treatment will be twofold, first we will help you find pain relief then we will help you reduce the risk of the pain returning by addressing the original cause. Our treatment plans include therapeutic massage, chiropractic message, physical therapy, natural pain relief, acupuncture, teaching you better ergonomics while using your hand and reducing chances of re-injury.

Improved ergonomics when using your computer, handheld devices, or other fine motor past times can halt hand pain significantly if there is no other underlying cause. Poor hand positioning pinches off certain nerves, reduces blood flow, and can even strain other areas. Even if you have an additional underlying cause for your pain, improved ergonomics can still improve your pain in conjunction with other treatments.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Hand Exam

Call us at Balanced Health Medical for your next chiropractic appointment if you have been experiencing hand pain, or pain anywhere else that returns time and again. We are here to help you feel better no matter what ails you. Call today, (212) 755-1717.