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Elbow Pain/Elbow Fractures


Elbow Pain/Elbow Fractures Treatment At Balanced Health Medical

The elbow is a complex joint in the body and pain can be caused by a variety of different conditions or injuries. Elbow fractures can occur in children and adults and need to be treated by a doctor. Chiropractic medicine can help alleviate painful muscles and tendons surrounding the injury. For the best chiropractor, NYC has to offer, patients regularly turn to NuView Health Medicine. Below, let’s examine elbow fractures in more detail.

What Are the Parts of the Elbow?

There are three main parts to the elbow. The first is the humerus bone which runs from the shoulder down to the point of flexion in the elbow. The second parts are the radius and ulna which are the bones that go from your wrist to the elbow joint. Lastly, there are several muscles, tendons, and ligaments that help hold everything in the elbow together. These soft tissues are what allows your elbow to bend, flex, and move. An injury to any of these parts can lead to severe elbow pain.

How Can an Elbow Fracture Occur?

Typically, an elbow is fractured by impact. This can be from a fall or a direct hit to the elbow. Fractures are common from sporting injuries or automobile accidents. Backward falls, where the arms are placed behind the body to prepare for impact, can lead to broken or hyper-extended elbows. Injuries to the wrist and shoulder can also impact the elbow because of the many bones connecting the two parts of the arm.

What are the symptoms of a broken elbow?

The elbow may be swollen or appear discolored in a fractured elbow. The elbow can become extremely painful or stiff, which is difficult to move. Numbness can also be a sign of a fracture. The numbness sensation can be in the elbow itself or extending to the wrist, hand, or fingers.

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