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Knock Out Your Foot and Ankle Pains and Strains


You can go hiking, walking, backpacking, exploring or maybe running with help and support from Balanced Health Medical.  Bring the past into the future.  Take part in the exercises that were left behind due to foot or ankle pain.  Balanced Health Medical is your chiropractor NYC.  The leading Midtown Chiropractor will help you with your foot and ankle injuries.  If you are limping, or exercise is not helping, visit us, your chiropractic care experts.  

What We Can Do for You – FOOT Pains and Strains

We are seasoned professionals in joint and bone injuries.  Foot pain is an affliction that we can treat to give you pain relief.  The ache could be from compensatory movement (movement created by you to compensate for a weakness).  Athletes usually have this common issue, and chiropractic care will keep you on your feet.  

Whether you are an athlete or not, our chiropractic concern is you. If any of the 26 bones in your foot is not in harmony with the other bones,  problems will develop in your heel, the ball of your foot, the side of your feet, and as ankle pain.  We can treat your foot pain without prescriptions.  We can adjust your foot and ankle bones for pain relief.  

Chiropractic Care – The Ankle Pains and Strains

A sprain often causes ankle pain, but shin splints (pain in the leg, ankle, and foot) are common as well.  Achilles’ tendonitis (Back of the ankle and heel pain), plantar fasciitis (pain near the heel), and heel spurs are other joint injuries.  Of course, we can relieve your pain or strain with a plan fit just for you.  Through adjustments and therapies, we can help you retrieve motion and give you pain relief.  

Your Remedy is Here! Contact Our Balanced Health Medical in New York, NY!

Call us today at 212-755-1717 for an appointment.  We can help you relax and protect you from further injuries.  We are your chiropractor NYC, Mid Town Chiropractor, and Manhattan chiropractor.  We look forward to giving you comfort with your foot and ankle aches and pains.