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Foot and Ankle Pain/Bone Spurs


Do You Have Foot and Ankle Pain? We Can Help at Balanced Health Medical

Foot pain that causes limping or reduced mobility during its peak should not be ignored. At Balanced Health Medical we are your Midtown Chiropractor if you are looking for pain relief from your foot and ankle pain and if you are ready to get to the root cause and increase your mobility or endurance. We serve Manhattan and the surrounding areas with quality chiropractic care for the whole body.

How Does an Ankle or Heal Spur Lead to Foot Pain?

 A bone spur in the heel is called a heel spur and it is caused by a calcium protrusion on the bottom of the foot right under the heel bone. It can make walking painful in varying degrees. The pain is often worse in the morning, after resting and can come and go depending on other factors. The spur growth can be caused by an injury, arthritis in the foot, Reiter’s disease, diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis, and other conditions. You can have these spurs without realizing it, or they can cause debilitating pain. This pain is due to the spur inflaming the area around it and causing jolts of pain against the nerve receptors on the ankle or bottom of the foot, depending on the location.

The treatment depends on your symptoms. The first goal is to reduce inflammation and pain. Heel lifts and shoe inserts are helpful in reducing pain and stress on the foot. ​Your chiropractor NYC will study the anatomy of your spur and decide how to proceed. In rare cases, surgery may be needed.

Contact Us for More Information on Reducing Your Foot Pain and the Schedule an Appointment With our NYC Chiropractor

Call us at Balanced Health Medical to schedule your foot pain appointment. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much a chiropractor can reduce your pain without drugs. Let our experience and knowledge of the human body help you heal. Call today, (212) 755-1717. We serve all of Manhattan and the surrounding areas.