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What to Expect During Physical Therapy


To fully recover from a minor or severe injury, you often have to go to physical therapy, but you do not need to go far. Your Manhattan chiropractor can provide all the physical therapy you need to make a full recovery. You can trust that our team at Balanced Health Medical will always use proven care techniques to ease your pain and mobility issues. When you partner with us for all your physical therapy care needs, here’s what you can expect at your first appointment and beyond.

Initial Assessment

Using the information provided by your doctor, our chiropractic team will assess your condition. We will use specialized tools to check your range of motion and pain levels. After that, we will check your mobility by having you complete a few simple tasks. These tasks are based on your injury location and severity. If you hurt your wrist, for example, you may need to hold a cup or open a door.


With the initial assessment completed, your therapist can start you on some helpful stretches. With these maneuvers, your chiropractor helps your muscles, tendons and other soft tissues warm up. This ensures they will stay limber through all the exercises, allowing you to reap the greatest rewards from your efforts. You will receive a printout of the stretches you perform, so you can complete them at home as well.


After stretching, you will move onto completing some exercises led by your Manhattan chiropractor. You will start at a low pace and resistance level to gradually build strength in your injured area. You may use a stationary bike, lift weights, or toss medicine balls during your appointment.

Additional Therapies

Your chiropractor may use additional therapies to help your body make a full recovery. These specialized approaches help to relieve pain in the soft tissues, joints, and other areas. Therapeutic ultrasound, for example, delivers deep heat that relaxes tension in the soft tissues. This helps to provide lasting pain relief you can rely on until your next appointment.

Scheduling Your Manhattan Chiropractic Appointment

If you need to have physical therapy performed, give our team at Balanced Health Medical a call at 212-755-1717. We are always here to help you find relief from pain, improve your range of motion and regain your mobility.