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Get In Shape For Summer Fun


Now that the summer season is upon us, it’s time to shake the winter blues and get your best self into vacation mode and outdoor activities until the sun sets. But what if your body hasn’t felt up to par lately, and you’re not sure where to begin in order to feel–and look–spectacular. No need to worry, our summer shape up plan will have you dazzling beachgoers and barbecue parties alike.

Where to Begin?

The common question is not only where to begin, but how to begin. The first plan of action is to create a plan of action. Allow enough time every day to set aside for exercising and eating healthy. Ditch the processed foods, try creating more simple meals at home using the freshest of ingredients, and plan to walk everywhere. That’s a start.

Also, it’s a good idea to keep a journal of your activities, the emotions you feel during each activity, and what foods you eat. This will ensure you’re on track for getting in the finest shape.

If you’re a morning person, wake up and get going with either a scheduled class of activity or an exercise modality that appeals to you. Whether it’s yoga, weight training, stair stepping, hiking, swimming, running, whatever activity fires up your heart rate and endorphins.

If you plan an hour for exercising after work, make sure no distractions get in the way. The time is for YOU! Make the most of it.

No More Excuses

The beauty of getting in shape is working with a clean slate of a body. You have the ultimate benefit of watching your health and body transform into something that pays off from your hard work. It doesn’t always take a village to create a new you; oftentimes, it’s simple acts of movement that add up throughout each day. Couple that with a reduction in overall calories, and watch the magic happen!

Our Balanced Health Medical team gives you proper guidance and tools to get in optimal shape for summer fun. Contact us today to learn more!