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Carpal Tunnel Treatment from Our Chiropractor in New York


While electronic devices like computers have boosted information-sharing capabilities, our chiropractor notes that they have also resulted in the growing appearance of carpal tunnel syndrome.  Balanced Health Medical is a convenient option for Manhattan residents seeking pain relief following treatments that avoid surgery or medication.

Overview of This Condition

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the result of pressure on the median nerve. This nerve extends through the wrist’s carpal tunnel into the hand.  It controls thumb movement and feeling plus movement of all other hand digits except the little finger.  This disorder causes difficulties with hand usage.

Pressure on the median nerve occurs as the result of several factors. Among the most common is injury to the wrist as the result of repetitive motion, such as typing on a keyboard.

According to our chiropractor, symptoms such as pain, tingling, burning, and numbness often develop over an extended period and can interfere with normal daily routines.  Since so many people sleep with bent wrists, many patients first notice signs at night.  Eventually, symptoms appear during the day.

Chiropractic Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Chiropractic treatment options for this disorder include spinal adjustments and decompression. Physical therapy, acupuncture, wrist icing, and use of splints benefit some sufferers, as do ergonomic alterations, and certain lifestyle changes.  Each of our patients receives a customized treatment plan.

Getting the right diagnosis and treatment from our chiropractor as soon as carpal tunnel symptoms appear is important.  It can help patients avoid the most severe symptoms associated with this disorder.

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Do you have pain from carpal tunnel syndrome?  Our team at Balanced Health Medical offers patients in the 10022 New York City ZIP code chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, sports medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy, and other services to help them enjoy optimal health.  Be sure to call us today at 212-755-1717 to schedule an appointment in our office near Rockefeller Center.