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Chronic Pain Relief


Chronic Pain Relief with Chiropractic Care

Chronic pain can leave you feeling exhausted. It’s incredibly difficult to treat without knowing the cause. If other medical treatments aren’t working, consider the natural healing methods of chiropractic care. It reduces the pain, stiffness, and inflammation that comes with chronic pain. At Balanced Health Medical in Manhattan, NY, we work with patients who are looking for long-awaited relief from chronic pain and many other conditions.

Chiropractic Treatment And Pain Relief

When you are stiff, struggle to move, and have inflammation, chiropractic care is the answer. Chronic pain occurs for a wide range of reasons. This makes it difficult to diagnose. That’s why an expert chiropractor is necessary. Your Manhattan, NY, chiropractor takes a careful look at your spine to see if there are any areas out of alignment. Through the use of gentle adjustments, massage, ultrasound, and other modalities, Drs. Sidney Inkelis, John Calabria, or Elijah Manfredi improve the function of your nervous system while promoting healing. They do this by moving the misaligned area back into place. Once your spine is in alignment, your soft tissue and surrounding muscles aren’t strained. Your body slowly returns to normal. It will eventually reach its maximum efficiency again.

Better Mobility And Chronic Pain Relief

Chiropractic treatment provides natural pain relief for better mobility. When your range of motion improves and your pain decreases, you can exercise more. You will discover several health benefits due to this. When circulation is increased, your muscles, ligaments, and soft tissue can heal. Pain relief comes quickly once chiropractic treatment begins.

Get Help For Chronic Pain Now

Contact Balanced Health Medical in Manhattan, NY, today at 212-671-1242 and see how a visit to the chiropractor can provide chronic pain relief. When you want to live your best life and remain active, chiropractic care has a positive impact.