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What is Functional Medicine?


Why Chiropractic Treatments are an Integral Part of Functional Medicine

As opposed to merely treating symptoms of a disease, functional medicine focuses on the root cause, taking into account each patient’s individual history. The premise of this approach is that the body has an innate ability to heal itself, which is what’s significant about chiropractic practice. Given proper alignment and adjustments, the body will eventually recover from pain and injuries. Not surprisingly, chiropractic services are especially in demand in New York City due to the city’s hectic nature. Balanced Health Medical, located in midtown Manhattan, offers services and treatments that cater to the unique needs of its residents.

Healthier Outcomes for Manhattan Residents Using the Functional Medicine Model

Manhattan boasts a high percentage of the top professionals from every field globally; because of this competitive edge, residents have access to some of the most coveted career opportunities. However, the downside is that accompanying these opportunities is often acute pain from athletic injuries or late hours spent at the office repeating seemingly innocuous movements. Residents who suffer ailments related to their hectic work lives may benefit from seeing a practitioner who follows the functional medicine approach.

The model of functional medicine allows practitioners to examine the broad picture of the patient’s condition(s) by identifying the underlying causes. In the following scenario, a patient who seems to be suffering from a prolonged bout of acute low back pain may schedule surgery as a last measure. Undergoing the surgical procedure could suppress the immediate symptoms, but it does not treat the root cause, which could have been adrenal fatigue, a vitamin D deficiency, thyroid issues, or systemic inflammation in the GI tract. If the patient had been treated using the functional medicine approach, he or she has the potential for more favorable long term outcomes.

Connecting with the Right Chiropractor for You

We at Balanced Health Medical understand how essential it is to your productivity and happiness to be healthy. Our location in midtown Manhattan gives our chiropractic team the unique opportunity to help you recover from chronic or acute pain with a holistic, personal, and long term approach to wellness. If you would like more information or want to book an appointment, call us at (212) 755-1717.