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How a chiropractor can help relieve muscle tension


Muscle fatigue and tension or perhaps integrated pain treatment are topics a general practitioner might recognize but doesn’t typically address during a routine doctor appointment. Chiropractic care is better suited for such issues. Balanced Health Medical in midtown Manhattan, NY, is prepared for such treatment with chiropractic treatment, massage, physical therapy, acupuncture, and spinal decompression.

Integrated Pain Treatment

Integrated pain treatment goes beyond the use of medication to treat ongoing pain. Stress relief, massage, and acupuncture along with healthy lifestyle coaching can often treat the initial cause instead of alleviating the symptoms with medication. Every patient requires a custom solution, so holistic approaches might need to be incorporated for a long term solution while medication treats initial symptoms, which is why “integrated” is an appropriate word to use when utilizing such resources.

Issues to Consider

Integrated pain treatment evaluates the issues of each case. If back pain is a result of improper posture or form during certain activities, the issue can be resolved immediately with massage and prevented in the future by correcting the patient’s stance. On the other hand, it’s worth noting that if the pain is caused by degeneration of muscle, cartilage, or bone, corrective surgery might be the best option. Balanced health requires a realistic diagnosis of the symptoms and causes, then determines a course of treatment without ruling out any available option.

Best Case Scenario

Generally speaking, muscle tension is a result of stress and tension. Chiropractic care is much better suited than intrusive surgery for such an issue. A chiropractor can use multiple techniques to relax muscles and allow them to heal. Corrective chiropractic techniques can improve posture and lifestyle coaching can teach someone how to avoid recurrence. Ultimately, there is no “be-all, end-all” treatment for muscle fatigue and tension, other than to take care of the current injuries and learn how to prevent more from happening in the future.

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At Balanced Health Medical in midtown Manhattan, NY, our goal is to treat each patient according to their needs instead of trying to use a cookie-cutter generic treatment for everyone experiencing discomfort. We recognize the causes of muscle tension and other forms of pain and recognize the need to work together with you and your regular doctor to find the best solution. Give us a call at (212) 755-1717 to schedule an appointment so we can evaluate your condition and find you the best treatment possible.