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How Physical Therapy can complement Massage


Physical therapy is a valuable tool that can be used to strengthen the body after an injury or if chronic illness has caused extensive damage. When used as a complement to massage therapy, the two therapies work together to strengthen muscles, improve stamina, and increase mobility. Physical therapy exercises can be performed at home or in your chiropractor’s office.

Using Multiple Therapies

Integrated treatment plans use multiple therapies that stimulate the body’s healing responses and at the same time, strengthen and tone the affected area. While deep tissue massage improves circulation and increases the flexibility of the tissues, physical therapy takes the treatment plan a step further and strengthens and tones those soft tissues. Combining two or more therapies enhances the benefits of them all making treatment more effective.

The Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy offers more benefits than just increasing strength. It also makes the area more flexible and increases the range of motion. When the range of motion increases, a patient’s mobility is also improved. This makes it easier for the patient to move without pain and discomfort. Another prominent benefit of physical therapy is that the tissues around the affected area are also conditioned and strengthened. When used with deep tissue massage and chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy hastens the healing process and shortens a patient’s recovery time.

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