Understanding Bone Spurs


Bone spurs, or osteophyte as they are known medically, are smooth, hard bumps of extra bone deposits. These clumps of extra bone material can form on the ends of bones. They often pop up in the joints where two bones meet. Here at Balanced Health Medical of Midtown Manhattan, we see many cases of bone spurs and have helped hundreds of our clients overcome them with our chiropractic services. Bone spurs can occur basically on any bone in the body but some areas are more prone to getting these deposits than others, including your:

  • Hands
  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Spine
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Feet

These bony deposits are fairly common ad most people will have at least one area with bone spurs by the time they are in their senior years. Most bone spurs are relatively small and don't cause any major problems. However, when the bone spurs rub against other bones or press on nerves, they can cause problems. In severe cases, you may experience pain and stiffness as well as weakness and loss of mobility in the affects joint.

What Causes Bone Spurs?

The most common cause for the development of bone spurs is joint damage. There are many causes for joint damage, the most commonly seen coming from osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease. The cushioning piece of cartilage that is found between your joints and the bones protects them and helps them move smoothly when you move. Over time and as the result of injury or disease, this soft spongy material breaks down and the bones of the joint become exposed. Damage can occur, thus making that joint more susceptible to the development of bone spurs.  Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and gout can also damage your joints and cause spurs. Injuries or problems with the muscles and tendons at the point where they attach to the bone can also lead to more bone material being laid, and bone spurs can become a problem over time.

Other causes of bone spurs include:

  • Injuries- from sports, work, or an accident like an auto crash or a slip and fall
  • Overuse – for example, if you run a lot or do repetitive movements at work
  • Genes- some genetic factors can make bones weaker and more susceptible
  • Diet- not getting enough calcium and nutrients can lead to improper bone growth
  • Obesity- carrying extra weight can stress the joints and weaken them
  • Bone problems – some people are born with misshapen bones that weaken them
  • Disease- conditions like spinal stenosis and degenerative disease can cause bone spurs

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