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Our practice is about you, your health and your body.  Balanced Health Medical Chiropractic Care conveniently serves Midtown East, Midtown West, Manhattan, and Hell's Kitchen.  Rockefeller Center Chiropractic is centrally located in Midtown/Upper East Side between Lexington and Park Avenue in New York City.  

Professional care and reliable service make us top-notch chiropractic experts, accepting insurance from many carriers.  Injuries are our top priority, but balancing your health is equally important.  With top quality care and fifteen years of experience, Balanced Health Medical is in a convenient, centralized location for you in the city.  Our expertise, knowledge, and experience are unmatched.  

Services Provided

We are a premier Midtown East and West Chiropractor with your health as our top priority.  Our specialties include chiropractic, sports medicine, physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, spinal decompression therapy, and medical massage.  We are tuned-in to your immediate needs and services.  

At Balanced Health Medical, we create a plan that is customized for you.  Your treatment is vital to us, and delivery of professional services is our specialty.  There are many essential personalized options available to our patients.  

Our goal is to successfully achieve balanced health for you with specific results.  We strive to accompany you on your journey through life with exceptional care and service.  The epitome of our practice is to help you maintain your body with balanced health services.

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Balanced Health Medical, located at 133 E. 58th St., #1101, New York, NY 10022 is an optimal choice for a Midtown chiropractor.  With a focus on your health, Dr. Sidney Inkelis, M.D. and Dr. John Calabria, D.C.  are your Midtown chiropractors in New York City.  Visit Balanced Health Medica, or call (212)-755-1717 for an appointment today.  

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