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Impingement Syndrome Treatment with our Midtown Manhattan Chiropractor

Shoulder pain can prevent you from being able to do even the most daily activities. It is imperative that you address these issues as soon as they are noticed because failing to do so can lead to serious conditions occurring and worsening. Balanced Health Medical is a chiropractor in NYC can help New York residents with shoulder pain and many other conditions.


Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

A person who has shoulder impingement syndrome will notice extreme pain in the affected shoulder when they raise their arms in the air. This is because the acromion and rotator cuff get narrow when you lift your arms. This puts tension on the bursa and the tendon, which leads to irritation and pain. Many people experience loss of range of motion and decreased strength.

These symptoms usually come on slowly. As the problem progresses, you will notice that the pain goes from a nuisance to something that is very limiting. You may have pain that keeps you awake at night. This is a sign that the underlying issue is becoming worse and that it needs to be addressed immediately.

Chiropractic Care Can Help

People are often shocked when they hear that chiropractic care can help with shoulder impingement syndrome since they think that chiropractic adjustments will only help the spine. The shoulders are highly impacted by the neck and spine. These issues can be addressed by a chiropractor. Midtown residents can reap the benefits of visits to Balanced Health Medical.

The treatments that a chiropractor provides are cumulative. You will notice that you experience more pain relief and improvements with your shoulder as you come for more visits. As your spine becomes more properly aligned, the body is able to function better. This can lead to you having a better quality of life and less pain with each adjustment.

Treatment plans must be tailored to your situation. Our chiropractor in Midtown reviews your symptoms and your lifestyle to help ensure that we are taking the right steps to address the issues that are causing the pain and problems.

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