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When you have a painful condition, you want effective treatment from health professionals who have the experience to provide the appropriate treatments that will return you to full function. At Balanced Health Medical, we use a variety of modalities to help bring you back to health. Whether you need a chiropractor or physical therapist, we can provide an individualized treatment plan to care for your unique health needs.

physical therapy

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy usually involves different types of exercise that provides a focused workout for specific muscle groups. The exercise may involve stretching, lifting weights, working on pieces of equipment, walking or other activities. You be required to have treatment at a facility and may also have additional exercises to do at home. Your physical therapist will design a plan that incorporates a number of intermediate goals to improve your condition. Conscientious adherence to a therapy plan can have remarkable results for patients. Patients undergoing physical therapy may cause some soreness and swelling in the short term, but the ultimate goal is to allow better function for daily living.

Conditions Physical Therapy Can Help

Your Manhattan Chiropractor may recommend physical therapy along with other forms of treatment. It can be highly effective in facilitating recovery from a variety of orthopedic, muscular and neurological conditions. Individuals who suffer from back pain, neck pain shoulder dysfunction, hip pain or knee pain can benefit from physical therapy. It can also help individuals dealing with acute or chronic pain problems, helping to strengthen supporting muscles and improve range of motion. Physical therapy can be helpful for repetitive stress injuries and other work-related problems. It is often used to heal sports injuries and auto accident injuries involving muscle, ligament or tendon involvement. Physical therapy can also help with scar tissue and nerve pain. It is often used both pre- and post-surgery to improve outcomes.

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Dr. Calabria and Dr. Inkelis use an integrated approach to care to help patients in New York City return to their normal activities. Our office in midtown NYC, near Rockefeller Center on the city’s Upper East Side, makes it easy to schedule your treatments, so you can get better as quickly as possible. We serve zip codes 10017, 10019, 10020, 10022 and 10036. Call Balanced Health Medical today at (212)-755-1717 to how physical therapy can relieve pain and restore normal function.

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