Physical Therapy in Midtown Manhattan

Balanced Health Medical combines modern disciplines such as physical therapy with disciplines such as chiropractic care and acupuncture. Once we meet with you and assess your situation, we will create an individualized plan designed to alleviate your pain and help your body heal. Come by our office in Midtown Manhattan for a better understanding of how we come up with the right mix of treatments for your condition.


What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy uses special exercises and equipment to guide clients who are trying to rebuild their strength following an illness or injury. At Balanced Health Medical, we perform a thorough examination to determine if physical therapy is the best option for your recovery. Exercises include lifting weights, stretching, walking, using various equipment, and others. You may also have exercises to do at home to ensure that you don't lose the progress you’ve made between visits.

Your detailed plan includes intermediate steps used to mark your progress. You can help ensure a positive outcome by following the exercises and any instructions provided for at-home care. Some patients report minimal soreness following a physical therapy session. Typically, this is the result of your body getting used to using the injured muscles again.

Massage Therapy

Whether you receive physical therapy or chiropractic care, massage therapy can loosen tight muscles and encourage blood flow to injured soft tissues. The benefits of massage therapy include pain relief and improved functionality.

What Conditions Benefit from Physical Therapy?

Our integrated pain treatment includes physical therapy that can improve the following conditions:

  • Recovery from orthopedic, neurological, and muscular conditions
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Hip, knee, and other joint pain
  • Repetitive stress and work injuries

Whether you have acute or chronic pain, physical therapy works to strengthen your supporting muscles and give you a better range of motion in the affected areas. If you have recently suffered a personal injury due to an auto accident, experienced a sports injury involving your tendons and ligaments, or injured your back, neck, or shoulders, physical therapy can help. We often recommend physical therapy before and after surgery to strengthen your muscles and aid in the healing process.

Chiropractic Care and Physical Therapy in Midtown Manhattan

Dr. Calabria, Dr. Inkelis, and Dr. Manfredi use integrated pain treatment to help our patients in Midtown Manhattan return to their normal lives. Call Balanced Health Medical today at (212) 755-1717 to schedule your assessment so we can begin your physical therapy or chiropractic care.

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