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If you're pregnant or planning to become pregnant, you may be both excited and bit worried about the nine-month journey to come. Pregnancy presents some uncomfortable, unpredictable health challenges, from musculoskeletal aches and pains to the body's preparations for a normal delivery. Fortunately, you can help to ensure a more pleasant pregnancy for yourself by seeking out prenatal chiropractic treatment at Balanced Health Medical. Our Manhattan office is happy to serve as your resource for safe prenatal medical care.


Prenatal Discomfort and Wellness Concerns

It's not hard to recognize a pregnant woman simply by observing the characteristic physical changes that accompany pregnancy. As your fetus rows and develops, your abdomen will enlarge, forcing your spinal alignment and posture to shift while also adding weight to your frame. This combination can easily lead to lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other uncomfortable musculoskeletal symptoms. If spinal components press against major nerves, you may also suffer from neurological discomfort and a lower degree of overall wellness -- and what's bad for you is bad for your baby.

Another prenatal concern involves changes to your pelvic alignment. As your pelvic ligaments loosen in preparation for birth, they also allow your alignment to become unstable. This could interfere with your baby's ability to assume a head-downward position in the birth canal, resulting in the need for a C-section as opposed to a normal delivery.

Chiropractic Treatment for Natural Pain Relief

Trust Balanced Health Medical to help you get through your pregnancy as comfortably and safely as possible. Your chiropractor at our Manhattan clinic will use a specially-designed treatment table to accommodate and support your changing body. the gentle chiropractic adjustments we administer can reduce the aches, pains, and nerve impingement symptoms you're struggling with. It also allows your body to communicate with itself more efficiently, which in turn helps you maintain a strong immune system and healthy hormonal balance. You may also benefit from other soothing therapeutic services such as massage therapy for natural pain relief.

As you enter the later stages of pregnancy, our clinic can make sure your pelvic alignment is optimized for a normal delivery. Spinal adjustments can make it easier for your baby to turn around in the womb, assuring an easier, healthier birth.

Need a Manhattan Chiropractor to Support Your Healthy Pregnancy? Contact Balanced Health Medical in Manhattan

From prenatal pain relief to a healthier overall pregnancy, there are plenty of good reasons to seek chiropractic care during your pregnancy. Call Balanced Health Medical in Manhattan at (212) 755-1717 to schedule the prenatal chiropractic treatment you and your baby need!

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