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Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis is a complex spinal disorder that causes the backbone to curve slightly or excessively to one side.  This curvature is noticeable in posture; the appearance of uneven hips or shoulders and leaning slightly towards a specific side. Typically, the spine runs straight down the back of an average individual. 

If you have kids in school, always be concerned about the overall weight of the books they carry. Though heavy backpacks don’t lead to Scoliosis, they cause unbearable neck and shoulder pain which isn’t so good especially for a child. If you notice that your spine is not as it’s supposed to be, make your way to a Balanced Health Medical Chiropractor NYC for pain relief massage treatments and spinal decompression therapy.  



Common Causes of Scoliosis 

80% of Scoliosis cases don’t have an exact cause – at least, according to many chiropractic reports. Scoliosis with no valid cause is medically referred to as ‘idiopathic.’ Those that do have known causes are classified into two: structural and nonstructural curves. 

Causes of nonstructural scoliosis include muscle spasms, inflammations such as appendicitis and one longer leg being longer than the other. Upon chiropractic treatment from a Midtown chiropractor, this type of scoliosis vanishes.  

Causes of structural scoliosis include genetic conditions like Down syndrome and Marfan syndrome, tumors, infections, congenital disabilities, muscular dystrophy, and cerebral palsy. Idiopathic scoliosis often comes about as a result of family history and genetics.

If you or one of your family members has this kind of condition, don’t hesitate to bring them to Balanced Health Medical in Manhattan for ultimate pain relief and specialized treatment. 

Special Scoliosis Treatment from Our Chiropractors in NYC 

Ready to get your health back? Balanced Health Medical is here to help. Founded by Drs. Sidney Inkelis, John Calabria and Frances Sariya, Balanced Health Medical offers a wide range of chiropractic services including: 

    • Medical massage for patients with chronic and acute spinal conditions 
    • Spinal decompression therapy 
    • Acupuncture 
    • Massage therapy 
    • Physical therapy 
    • Sports medicine 

On top of these, we also offer additional training on how to minimize inflammation, get faster pain relief, and increase your mobility. At the end of a successful examination, our chiropractor will design a treatment plan specifically for you.  

Contact Our Balanced Health Medical in New York, NY!

There’s, therefore, no need to search far and wide for professional chiropractic treatment when you can enjoy pain reduction with no form of medication at Balanced Health Medical in Manhattan. All you have to do is call (212) 755-1717 and book an appointment with Dr.  Sidney Inkelis, Dr. John Calabria, or Dr. Sariya.  Advanced treatment and pain relief are only one call away!


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