Here at Balanced Health Medical, we take the time to help educate our patients about disorders like temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ). The following FAQs were put together to help spread information about TMJ, as well as the ways chiropractic care can help overcome the pain and dysfunction that TMJ causes.


What Is TMJ?

The temporomandibular joint is the joint that connects your jaw to your skull. If you open and close your mouth while putting a finger in front of your ear, you will feel your temporomandibular joint. When this joint becomes inflamed, you could develop TMJ. 

What Are Symptoms of TMJ?

TMJ pain is often located around the jaw, ears, and temporomandibular joints themselves. This can lead to pain when you are chewing, clicking noises when you move your jaw, and even times when your jaw will lock up. Some people even experience swelling on their faces or pain in their facial muscles while at rest. This pain usually occurs when you talk or eat. It might start off mild and gradually get worse as time goes by. If you are experiencing TMJ pain of any sort, it is best to find professional medical care as soon as possible. 

What Causes TMJ Pain?

This pain can be caused by clenching your jaw for prolonged periods of time, grinding your teeth at night, having an accident that caused whiplash, or even arthritis. The temporomandibular joint can also be injured when it is dislocated. In some cases, TMJ pain is genetic. Overall, there are several ways for a person to develop TMJ, and a chiropractor can help determine the root cause. 

Can TMJ Be Prevented?

If you notice yourself clenching or grinding your teeth, you can take precautionary action to reduce this pain. Mouth guards can be used during sleep to alleviate some pain caused by these behaviors. Ice packs can be used to reduce the swelling and pain in facial joints and muscles. Be careful chewing foods that might be chewy, tough, or sticky, as they can aggravate this pain.  

What Can Chiropractic Care Do to Treat TMJ Pain?

At Balanced Health Medical in Midtown Manhattan, we will do a thorough evaluation with x-rays and other diagnostic methods to see how we can alleviate your TMJ. We can provide adjustments and exercises that will strengthen the joint and reduce your pain. If you are looking for a chiropractor in the 10022 and 10036 areas, come and see us today. You can also reach us over the phone at 212-755-1717.

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